Josh Jones, Photographer

Josh Jones is a freelance photographer and journalist based in London, England. This site shows some of his writing and photojournalism. To see Josh’s portrait and music photography, visit his portfolio site.

mobile: (+44) 07787 337687

Recent exhibitions

Superlative Television: Broadcast 3. Pirate television broadcast 1st October 2013; screening as part of Art Licks Weekend, 4-6th October 2013.



Hyunjeong Lim: Trip West. Hosted by Ben Johnson, September 2013.


Josh Jones at P21 Gallery ©P21 Gallery
Refractions: Moving Images on Palestine. P21 Gallery, London, December 2012 – March 2013.


On Being Different and the Same at the Same Time. University of the Arts London, December 2012.

Recent Press

Capturing Pride, not Pity. Josh Jones on taking photos in the Occupied West Bank. Middle East Monitor, January 2013.

London gallery opens for Palestinian cause. [Arabic language.] Al-Jazeera, December 2012.


Education: BA English Literature (1st class), Sussex University, 2009

I took up photography living in Somerset aged 16. For me, it is an excuse to interact with people and a subtle way to describe them.

Halfway through my English degree at Sussex University I got the opportunity to go to the West Bank, and spent weeks talking to farmers, trade unionists, women’s co-ops and students. Editors at Palestine Monitor and DeviantArt picked up my articles when I returned. I discovered photojournalism could be a way for me to make sense of some of the world’s suffering – perhaps even alleviate it. I started covering local protests in Brighton, talking to locals, getting kettled, and being an active protester while making photographs.

In December 2012 P21 Gallery got in touch saying they’d like to exhibit my photos from Palestine. This helped me start taking my photography seriously. I quit my day job and currently freelance as a photographer and trainer, and volunteer for causes I care about. — August 2013