Bring the Troops Home, Stop the War – London protest

StopTheWar-BringTheTroopsHome-CND 3
'Stop the War - Troops Out of Afghanistan'. Photo © Josh Jones 2009

24th Oct, 2009: ‘Bring the Troops Home’ was the demand of tens of thousands of anti-war protesters in London today. The demonstration was called by Stop the War, CND and the British Muslim Institute. Trafalgar Square heard speeches against against the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, with speakers as diverse as refusing soldier Lance Cpl Joe Glenton and Guantanamo survivor Omar Deghayes.

StopTheWar-BringTheTroopsHome-CND 2
The protest was led by war vetarans and the families of solidiers who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pictured: Pat Arrowsmith, veteran CND campaigner. Photo © Josh Jones 2009
StopTheWar-BringTheTroopsHome-CND 4
Speakers accused Tony Blair and Gordon Brown of playing to American imperialist desires. Photo © Josh Jones 2009

StopTheWar-BringTheTroopsHome-CND 1
Students and young people from accross the country came to join in the protest against the war. Photo © Josh Jones 2009
StopTheWar-BringTheTroopsHome-CND 7
Student protesters charge down Regent Street, London. Photo © Josh Jones 2009


StopTheWar-BringTheTroopsHome-CND 9
Speakers and protesters aired their anger at US President Obama for sending more troops into Afghanistan. Photo © Josh Jones 2009

7 thoughts on “Bring the Troops Home, Stop the War – London protest”

  1. Hi Josh
    Nice photography of the March yesterday. I’m still wading through my images of the demo, hoping to post some soon.

    Keep on pressing that shutter.

    cheers Degsy

  2. I was travelling alone in an unknown country when I met a woman, who begged me to help as she was so desperate. Speakless in silence, she pointed with her finger. I looked in the direction she was pointing to and saw three men fiddling with a little thing wrapped up in some old newspaper. All of a suddenly the little thing began to moan and then screamed. A closer look revealed it was a new born baby. Disregarding the heartbreaking cries of the baby, the three men went on with what they had been doing, and one of them even said ‘I bet he would stop crying if we poke him with this…’ With great force, he poked the baby’s tiny thigh with a sharp piece of wood. The baby screamed with so much pain that he was almost out of breath. Seeing this, I couldn’t bear it anymore, regardless of any consequence, I dashed to the baby and protected him with my own body, crying, ‘Stop! Please, I beg you to stop…’ But all I heard was their shameless giggle and the remark, ‘He’s to blame to be from XXX…’

    Awakened with shock, I found tears streaming down my face and I was soaked with sweat. I heaved a deep sigh of relief and thanked god it was only a nightmare. The nightmare was over and I survived. However, the poor little baby and millions of other kids are still suffering from war. Because of the selfishness and greed of some individuals, these children, innocent and kind-hearted, are leading such a miserable existence that death could be easier for them to face.

    The nightmare has made me, a mother of two, realize that every adult should try their best to love and protect every child in the world, no matter they are your own or others’ children.

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