G20 London: More images from inside the ‘Revolt’

Samba Band
In the middle of the so-called ‘riot’, the samba band continues to play. Threadneedle Street, London, April 1st.

Our New Gods

An FIT officer finds a statuesque position from which to survey the crowd.

Democracy is an Illusion

A protester from inside the police cordon that ‘kettled’ protesters and passers-by next to the Bank of England and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Just Retired
‘Just Retired’. Protesters find creative ways to express their disillusionment. From inside the police cordon.
Climate Camp, Bishopsgate. This peaceful protest campaigned for serious action on climate change.
Talks and discussion in an official ‘free learning space’, in the Climate Camp.
Participants and passers-by in the Climate camp listen to the discussion. These images were taken shortly before riot police surrounded and began to ‘disperse’ the camp.
All images © Josh Jones, April 1st 2009.

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  1. The poor, the lower middle worinkg classes pay the majority of tax’s which are then taken away from the majority and the most needy to feed the upper classes and business elites “which are the ruling classes” with huge tax cuts and subsides for enormous profits and with upper class welfare for health and education while the majority pays for it through their tax’s, but lives without!Austerity measures or tough budget cuts are what our leaders and governments force on to the majority but never force or implement on the business elites and upper classes, in fact the upper classes and business elites get more tax cuts and benefits while the poorer and worinkg classes pay for it.All leaders, politicians are customer service and sales representatives for the ruling minorities and change the laws and rules to suit their masters. That is why they will never listen to your cries and pleading as they are too scared to govern for the majority that have voted to put them there.It is the ruling classes that holds the human race back, they stop all technological advancements in global wide clean renewable cheap/free energy, education and cures for diseases as they want to maintain the slave & master society but they are only there because we the majority allow them to rule over us. All funding and research should be on fusion technologies, these technologies will give us unlimited energy and from that a new clean worldwide economical reforms could be implemented. The ruling classes will try to stop it, the politicians don’t care, so it is up to us the majority to make it happen.

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