Community Garden At Risk

The Lewes Road Community Garden in Brighton, featured in my previous blog, is at risk of total closure. This week, a private security firm locked the gates and declared the site closed to the public. The land is privately owned, but has been unused for over four years, and the Community Garden project has transformed the empty lot into a green space for local residents.

If you feel the garden should remain open, please sign the petition, or send a message of support to

Lewes Road Community Garden - Smiling
Relaxing in the Garden last Sunday. Photo © Josh Jones


4 thoughts on “Community Garden At Risk”

  1. It is outrageous – of course the garden should be kept open

    for local people to enjoy. How can anyone prefer a derelict site ?

  2. We love this garden and having only just discovered it, it would be a shame for it to revert to a derelict and useless site. Please let the local community enjoy this one clean and fresh oasis on Lewes road!

  3. The garden is safe! The owners of the property have given permission for it to be used for its current purpose until planning permission has been found for its redevelopment. It is open again and will remain so for some time. :)

  4. Technically the Co-Operative owns the site and has plans to develop it into a car park. The site was formerly an Esso petrol station which was closed down and acquired by the Co-Operative. The plan is to keep the garden closed before removing everything and starting the development of yet another car park encouraging more people to drive in an already congested city. If you wish to resist this please email; or if you prefer to write; The Co-operative Group, Customer Relations, Freepost, MR9473, Manchester, M4 8BA or even better phone them; 0800 068 6727. I doubt that the Co-Operative will change their plans as they are masquerading themselves as an ethical company whilst still trading Israeli goods, demanding that colleagues provide their finger prints and destroying consumable goods that could be re-distributed. They are NOT an ethical company so need to be seriously pressured to save the garden!

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