‘Remember Gaza’ – Smash EDO protest, Brighton

'Remember Gaza', 'Blood on your hands' - the protest marches along Lewes Road outside Moulsecoomb. Photo © Josh Jones 2010

Monday 18th January, 2010: Hundreds gathered in Brighton today to protest the presence of EDO, an arms firm that develops weapons parts used in the assault on Gaza last year. Police responded with force, and scuffles outside the EDO/ITT weapons factory on Home Farm Road led to several injuries. In Brighton city centre, protestors were kettled by police for up to an hour, and several arrests were made, including one medic.

The Smash EDO campaign has been calling for the closure of the Brighton-based arms manufacturer for six years, and claims EDO/ITT corp. is complicit in war crimes.

Mounted police find a picturesque position to await the protest. Photo © Josh Jones 2010.


Avoiding a police blockade on Lewes Road viaduct, protesters storm up the hill towards the EDO/ITT weapons factory. Photo © Josh Jones 2010.


Defiant, one protester faces police as they attempt to protect the EDO/ITT arms factory. Photo © Josh Jones 2010.


Police in riot gear form a line outside the weapons manufacturer. Photo © Josh Jones 2010.


Protesters attempt to force their way through police lines. Photo © Josh Jones 2010.


In town, Brighton and Hove bus drivers look on as the protest passes. Photo © Josh Jones 2010.


In Brighton, demonstrators resist all efforts to kettle or curb the march's progress. Photo © Josh Jones 2010.


Local citizens show their support as the protest passes Brighton University. Photo © Josh Jones 2010.



A group of 50 protesters were 'kettled' by police in the North Laine for one hour, including the present photographer. Photo © Josh Jones 2010.