But what really happened? SMASH EDO protest in Brighton, 15th October 2008

My experience of the protest was quite tame. Anti-war protesters marched towards town but were blocked by a barricade of vans and police in riot gear. A few scuffles between protesters trying to break through and the police. But nothing too serious. This is Brighton, after all. This is a nice town.

But the more I talked to people, the more scary it got. One friend of mine attacked by a police dog. Protestors trapped in a ‘kettle’ – a brickwall of police – for over 45 minutes, right in the North Laine where gentle Brighton folk like to go shopping. And at least a dozen arrests, most of them under Section 60AA – an anti-terror law passed in the wake of 9/11.

When police are using anti-terror laws to make arrests of peaceful protesters, something is going seriously wrong. I have spent the last two weeks compiling evidence of various forms – photographic, video, eyewitness reports, official documents – and will soon be releasing it as an interactive, online article. Hopefully it will shed some light on what really happened in Brighton on October 15th. My greatest wish is that by raising awareness of the event, it need not happen again the way it did.

2 thoughts on “But what really happened? SMASH EDO protest in Brighton, 15th October 2008”

  1. Peaceful? Are you sure you were at the same place I was?

    The ‘peaceful’ protestors were spitting at Police, throwing bins at them and trying their upmost to cause havoc.

    It seems they had to be held in the “kettle” so that thy couldn’t affect the poor people of Brighton who didn’t give a crap about their cause (the majority of the residents)!

  2. I probably was in the same place as you, JD, or at least near by. And what I saw was people trying to protest but being stomped back by the might of a police force equipped with full riot gear and given millitaristic training.

    Before I worry about the person who was spat on from behind his perspex shield, I’m going to worry aobut the person who was set upon by dogs, or the person who was beaten to the ground while trying to walk past. This is my position as a humanist.

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