2 thoughts on “Sussex students hold vigil for the victims in Gaza”

  1. I was just wondering if the respectable students of Sussex University have ever held any demonstration or ever protested against the continuous rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel.
    If they did, I am ready to accept their opinion about the recent events in Gaza, otherwise, you must agree they are “fashionably” one-sided, against the right of Israel to exist.
    Have they ever called on the Palestinians to stop attacking israel ????

  2. Kipkimo, this vigil was a peaceful mark of respect for the dead. Many of those present had family or friends in Gaza at the time, and many others were Israeli and also wanted to show their respect.

    You call for some kind of ‘proportion’, or ‘fairness’. This vigil was about an assault that claimed about one hundred times as many Palestinian lives as Israeli. Of course I condemn Hamas rocket attacks on civilians. But to give a sense of ‘proportion’, the vigil would have had to light only one candle for Israeli deaths.

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