March for Jobs – Brighton protest

Unison workers in support of Phoenix creche and nursery, under risk of closure. Photo © Josh Jones / Photography Without Borders 2010

6th March, 2010: Workers, students and young people of Brighton gathered today to March for Jobs. The aptly named protest opposed public sector cuts and job losses. The demonstration marched Brighton city centre for one hour, with chants such as ‘Students, and workers, unite and fight.’

The protest comes in the wake of two student occupations at Sussex University, proposed public sector job cuts in Brighton, and promises by both the major political parties to make nationwide cut-backs in public services.

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Jobs, Education, Peace: Protest at Labour Party Conference

Jobs Education Peace -Labour Party Conference 1
'Jobs, Education, Peace' - the demands set by the protest. Photo © Josh Jones 2009

27th Sep, 2009: While Labour began its Party conference, Brighton seafront hosted thousands of people calling for ‘Jobs, Education and Peace’. The national protest, supported by major trade unions and left-wing parties, also ran under the banner ‘Rage Against New Labour’. The protest passed without interference from police, and caused minimal disruption to the city.

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