Norris Square Shutterbugs

By: Lindsay Sparagana
This summer’s overarching goal was to introduce students to photography by teaching them principles of composition, and by introducing them to contemporary photographers that address issues of identity and social justice through their work.

We began with a research project. Students picked one person from a list of contemporary black and latino photographers, looked at their website, and shared a favorite image with the group. We learned about principles of photography and practiced using them by shooting in the gardens at Norris Square Neighborhood Project.

Next, we learned about portraits and made portraits of people and animals in our lives. We then learned about abstract photography. We walked to 2nd and Cecil B. Moore to take abstract photographs of the graffiti walls. Students also completed a photography scavenger hunt at home that asked them to photograph something they can’t live without, something they hate, a place they feel safe, etc.

Norris Square Neighborhood Project

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