William R. Abrams

I have been a photographer for close to 60 years doing my own wet chemistry processing and more recently digital imaging and printing. I have always been interested in art and photography as mediums of communication and their intersection with my career as a scientist.

Professionally, I am a retired research Biochemist from academic institutions primarily here in Philadelphia and New York. I was extensively involved in grant writing and editing as well as scientific illustration for publications,presentations and grant submissions. I have also produced pamphlets and books that involved graphic design layout and photographic images. I developed a course for students to help them design effective slide presentations.

I enjoy problem solving and using my skill set to help with grant applications, design of publicity brochures and books. I am also interested in helping with other activities including exhibition preparation and developing a PWB endowment fund. I would welcome an opportunity to work with students around composition and graphic design or in other capacities that may occur.