Stetson Shutterbugs

Photography Without Borders founder Tony Rocco started the first Shutterbug Program at John B. Stetson Charter School in 2009, working with students to rehab a storage area and turn it into a darkroom. Over the next few years the program continued to develop and in 2012 the Shutterbugs had their first cultural exchange when they went to La Florida, Colombia to meet another group of students taught by Rocco. This incredibly successful exchange was followed by additional trips in 2013 and 2017. The success of the Stetson Shutterbugs program led to Rocco making the decision to leave his job at Stetson to become the full-time executive director of Photography Without Borders and grow the Shuttterbug Program at other locations. The current Shutterbug Program at Stetson includes a pull-out Media Program where students use video as well as photography to tell their stories. Stetson now has a video studio, mini computer lab, and a production lab where students print and laminate posters and create other material for Stetson staff.

John B. Stetson Charter School

3200 B St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Class meets in Media Room in basement off of main stairway