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by: Mirielis Almodovar-Alamo

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"Parents have shared their gratitude for the Shutterbugs program at Hostos, one in particular shared how their child did not like any afterschool programs or sports, giving up within weeks. Photography club has changed that to the point that the kid has a little "side gig" taking pictures for baby showers or creating "mini-photo sessions" for her friends."

Meliza Reynoso, Teacher Hostos Charter School

"The Shutterbugs have inspired me to see the world in different ways. I am so impressed with their talent and vision."

Susan Rachlin, Cheltenham Camera Club

"I’ve been truly touched and inspired by these young photographers. Their images are honest and creative. Some of their best leave me with the experience of seeing and feeling vibrant life with all its flaws and beauty. Excited to see what they are up to next!"

John Stritzinger, Cheltenham Camera Club

"I’m particularly excited for these pictures because It’s been a while since I took pictures and I almost forgot how happy this made me. They have a meaning that goes beyond just being ‘pretty pictures’ and I can’t wait to go for further into that next time we meet! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did."

Yeredith Cruz, Olney Charter High School

"This is absolutely amazing! I can't believe how far this program has come; you have done such an amazing job! Being a part of this when I was younger saved me from the streets and taught me valuable life lessons. I am forever grateful! Keep up the amazing work!"

Damarillis Mendez, Julia de Burgos graduate

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